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This project is based on Microsoft’s sample application called ‘TraceExtension’. I added the following improvements to the original code.
  • Support for multi-thread. Original code would work fine until you had ‘real traffic”. Log file would get corrupted while handling simultaneous request.
  • Log file name is no longer hard coded. Directory name is Web.config driven. File names are stamped with date, so you get a new file for each day.
  • Capability to make the ‘log file’ browser compatible, so you can view it in IE or FireFox.
  • Extended control in Web.config to turn logging on and off.
  • Exception handling. You may want tailor the exception handling to your needs…

I kept the original name and included a test application.
On my desktop I get the following average metrics.

Overhead added to the call above and beyond everything else you have to do.

WriteInput 0.00477881965445329 sec
WriteOutput 0.00481094664265989 sec

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